Marquette basketball fans disappointed with loss but optimistic about next season

Posted at 10:44 AM, Mar 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-20 11:44:01-04

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It was a tough loss for Marquette basketball fans as the Golden Eagles were knocked out of the NCAA tournament by Michigan State in a 60-69 loss in Columbus, Ohio.

“Pretty upset pretty sad," Sammy Roussopoulos said.

The Golden Eagles lost to the Michigan State Spartans 60 to 69 in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

“Well a little bit sad but they played a good game," Benny Cox said.

The no. 2 seed Marquette was looking to get into the sweet sixteen for the first time since 2013, but they came up just short. The Golden Eagle’s loss left fans wanting more from the team.

“Well, I don’t feel like we played like we played all year long it was kind of sad to see us bring our c game when we needed at least our b game when we needed to beat the Spartans," Ron Thomas said.

However, despite the loss, fans feel good about the season.

“Pretty good. I’m happy with it. Good season yup great," Alicia Cox said.

Marquette’s overall record has improved over the past three seasons. Fans credit head coach Shaka Smart with the program’s turnaround.

“Great to see a guy who knows how to coach take a team they weren’t supposed to do what they did do what they did be where they are and they’re going to be great for years great to have him there," Kevin Kennedy said.

There’s a chance next year’s team will look similar to the one this year. There are only two seniors on the roster and Big East Player of the year Tyler Kolek is a junior.

“Fantastic. I’m excited for the next couple of years, you know. Most of the boys will be going back and Shaka’s got a great leadership mentality," Inez Vits said.

The team has a solid group of core players that could return, which means the future is bright for Marquette basketball.