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'She's Neenah basketball': Allie Ziebell gearing up for one last ride with the Rockets

'She's Neenah basketball': Allie Ziebell gearing up for one last ride with the Rockets
Posted at 4:11 PM, Jan 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-25 18:03:55-05

NEENAH — Neenah Rockets senior guard Allie Ziebell has racked up many accolades with the program and in her career.

Much bigger things are on the way, but first her job isn’t done as a Rocket.

“Knowing Allie, she would put all those individual accolades on the side if the team could reach the ultimate goal – ultimate prize that we’re really trying to work for,” said Rockets head coach Andy Braunel.

There’s only one word, maybe two, you need to describe the recently selected McDonald's All-American on the court: 

“Either humble or passionate,” said Rockets senior guard Kayla White and Ziebell’s best friend. “In everything she does, she’s so humble. She always shares the ball. She’s always looking for her own shot but she’s also looking for everyone else and she gets so excited when everyone else makes good plays too.”

Her head coach knew she was special in 5th grade, but in order to get to the level she is at now. It takes a lot of dedication.

“A lot of programs do like a 10,000 shot club – she took 100,000 shots in the summer, multiple summers in a row,” Braunel said. “I mean, just the time that’s associated with that, plus what she does in the weightroom. she just puts in a ton of time to get better as a player.”

Last year Ziebell was named the 2023 Wisconsin Gatorade player of the year, an award she seems poised to win again in 2024. On the season, she’s averaging 28 points and 8 rebounds.

“Just knowing the great players that have come before and won that and just being in that legacy and just being around those people is just really cool,” said Ziebell.

This past summer she won a gold medal with the Team USA FIBA U19 squad in Spain.

“That was an unreal experience,” said Ziebell. “I've never left the country so just getting to go to Spain and see that whole culture and get to walk around and then obviously get to play against all those teams. it was just so cool to see the level of basketball and some of those girls are already playing professionally or will play in college.”

When you think of women’s college basketball you think of UCONN. That’s where the top talent goes. Ziebell will be suiting up to play for legendary head coach Geno Auriemma next season. 

“I fell in love with them just because they won when I was little and just kept watching and watching the style of play and then I grew older and then when I committed it was just an unreal experience,” said Ziebell. “I can't really put it into words.”

Right now, she’s No. 6 on the all-time points list for Wisconsin girls high school basketball, and No. 1 in Neenah history. 

“She's Neenah basketball to me,” said White. “I feel like everyone knows her and wants to continue playing because of this legacy.”

And despite bigger things on the way in the future for Ziebell, the job isn’t finished at Neenah.

“We grew up very close, this whole class of seniors, we still really are and it’s a big group. I think just spending that with them and winning with them and then finishing out (with a state title) for the community would be a big deal.”