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'Never die attitude' helps Denmark Vikings baseball 3-Peat

'Never die attitude' helps Denmark Vikings baseball 3-Peat
Posted at 4:54 PM, Jun 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-16 18:14:00-04

APPLETON — The Denmark Vikings did something historic on Thursday evening.

In a game that went 11 innings, the Vikings were able to eek past St. Thomas More high school with a 3-2 victory to win their third straight state title.

They are the third baseball team to ever do so in Wisconsin History, but they don’t consider themselves a dynasty.

“I wouldn’t consider it that,” said senior Lucas Miller. “I just think we’re a bunch of guys having fun playing baseball. We just enjoy the game a lot. great coaches, they help us out tremendously and it's just a brotherhood between us.”

It’s always tough to win one title, let alone three.

“Going into it, I didn’t think we had quite the group to do it again, but they just kept battling every day and they did it one more time,” said Denmark head coach Bill Miller.

The Denmark Vikings aren’t going to wow viewers with flashy plays and huge home runs, but they don’t need it to win titles.

“Just making the little plays, making the fundamental plays is what got us here and luckily is what was able to finish the job for us,” Lucas Miller said.

Making the fundamental plays and having a never quit mentality has been key.

“The integrity they have, the never die attitude they had like the games never over until the final out and I think over the last three years that’s been showcased tremendously by us,” Lucas Miller said. “Just never quitting, never giving up on anyone.”

Senior leadership is a huge factor in their success.

“They see what the guys a couple years ago did,” Miller said. “They feel they need to do the same thing and it’s so important to the team. I always tell them at the beginning of the year, this is your team, not mine or any of the coaches, this is your team, you do with it what you want.”

 One of those leaders is senior Lucas Miller, always there to give his team a pep talk, before, during or after the game.

“It’s amazing to have one of those kind of guys on your team,” said senior Ethan Ovsak. “He really gets your mojo going. He helps us be better every day.”

And thanks to all of those factors, they’re rewarded with some hardware, but also, a trip down the new slide at Fox Cities stadium.

“I can’t even put it into words to be honest with you, it’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt in my life,” Ovsak said.

“I didn’t set any speed record getting down that slide I don’t think,” laughed Bill Miller. “I just love every one of those guys like they were my son. I got one on the team, but the rest of them are just like him. I can’t be any prouder of what they’ve done this year.”