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Significant Google Maps update adds new features using AI

The updates for one of the most popular and widely-used navigation apps create a more immersive experience, the company says.
Significant Google Maps update adds new features using AI
Posted at 6:33 PM, Nov 14, 2023

Google Maps — one of the most popular navigation applications in use today — has had a significant update, to create what will be a more immersive experience by using artificial intelligence technology. Google says the updates will make it easier for users to plan, and will give users a new way to search. 

The map navigation app, operated by Google — a company that boasts control over a vast majority of the search engine market — offers users billions of miles of directions each day in the palm of their hand. 

The company says the upgrades include features that will make viewing locations and landmarks on Maps more immersive and realistic.

The upgraded Immersive View for routes will be rolled out in select cities, including places in Europe and the U.S., and is expected to expand to other locations later on. 

The company says it hopes its Immersive View features will help developers build with a more interactive experience in mind.

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Another feature is called Lens in Maps. The feature was formerly known as "Search with Live View." This is the feature that helps a user become more oriented with where they are — say, for instance, if they are exiting a subway station. 

By tapping on the Lens icon in the search bar, the user can view the location on a map in a more real-world way. 

Google also updated its Maps app with more details, by updating colors, and adding more realistic looking structures. 

Google Maps will also feature more updated information about electric vehicle charging locations on iOS and Android versions of the app. And users might also discover that they can use the app to search in different ways for activities while traveling. These are the moments you find yourself in a new city, for example, and want a quick guide on best places to go for activities, to grab a drink or a bite, or a plethora of other inspired adventures. 

Google Maps, which carries no subscription cost for the average user, pulls in revenue in a number of ways, including with advertisements and via its Google Maps Platform API which offers customers a "community-based platform" with "tiered coverage" and 24/7 support. 

Businesses can list their ads on Google Maps and create profiles that allow them to be found with less effort. 

For users with privacy concerns about the app, there are ways to keep your data less public and even to hide some personal data from Google searches. Clearing your search history regularly from Google Maps as well as the Google browser can also help. 

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