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Reward for escaped DC homicide suspect raised to $30,000

Police are still searching for an escaped suspect in a homicide one week after he eluded police custody at a hospital.
Reward for escaped DC homicide suspect raised to $30,000
Posted at 4:22 PM, Sep 13, 2023

Police are upping the ante in their search for a homicide suspect who escaped from a hospital while in custody.

D.C. police have raised the reward for information on Christopher Haynes to $30,000, one week after the suspected killer eluded police at George Washington University Hospital.

Haynes was arrested Sept. 6 for his suspected involvement in an August shooting that killed Brent Hayward and injured another person. 

During questioning, Haynes complained of a preexisting ankle injury and was taken to the hospital, where he assaulted an officer who was "changing out his handcuffs" to secure him to a gurney, Metropolitan Police Chief Pamela Smith said.

The 30-year-old then fled with one handcuff still attached to his wrist, as two other officers chasing him failed to capture him.

The ongoing search since then has prompted numerous reports of possible sightings, each of which the police have said they're looking into.

Police said he may still have the handcuff attached to his right wrist, and they're not sure what he'd be wearing now. But he has a distinctive "W" tattoo on the front of his neck, which could help the public identify him.

Authorities have warned though that anyone who sees Haynes to not engage with him and "use caution." They also said anyone who is assisting or harboring the escaped suspect would be criminally charged.

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