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Organization says $45K worth of Legos meant for sick kids were stolen

V for Victory says 440 children undergoing cancer treatment may not get Legos if it's not able to replace the stolen items.
Organization says $45K worth of Legos meant for sick kids were stolen
Posted at 11:51 AM, Jan 02, 2024

A Florida organization that provides resources to families going through cancer says thieves broke into its warehouse and stole $45,000 worth of Legos. 

The Legos are collected and given to children undergoing cancer treatments.

In 2023, V for Victory said it had already provided approximately 2,000 Lego sets to children prior to the burglary. 

"It's a great program for the kids because it takes something that is all negative for most children, which is getting chemo or getting a spinal or getting anything like that," Paul Scott, who founded the organization, told Jacksonville TV station WJXT. "It takes something that's 100% negative, and it makes it a positive."

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Scott estimated that about 440 Lego sets were stolen, each costing about $100. 

"I believe that would be about 440 children who are going to go to 440 appointments that won't get Legos, so it'll affect probably 440 times that a child would have gotten the Lego set if we don't get them replaced somehow," Scott told WJXT. 

The organization posted about the incident on its Facebook page and included a link to its Amazon Wish List to help replace the sets. Several commenters said they had donated. 

While the incident was definitely a bad way to end the year, V for Victory was sure to point out the positives about the year. In addition to providing over 2,000 Lego sets to children, it also provided more than 28,000 meals to families dealing with cancer. 

"We will bounce back and make 2024 even better," the organization stated.

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