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We're Open: Wrightstown Inn says they're thankful for community support

Wrightstown Inn
Friday fish fry
Posted at 5:51 PM, Apr 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-03 23:24:33-04

WRIGHTSTOWN (NBC 26) — As lent season wraps up for Northeast Wisconsin's Catholic community, one area restaurant said their Friday fish fry has been one of their most popular items.

“It’s just a tradition in Wisconsin of ours to have fish on Fridays even I think if you don’t believe in religion or either way it seems like everyone wants to get that fish on Friday. Its kind of a thing with old fashions of course,” said Nicole Vandehey, Wrightstown River Inn Manager.

Wrightstown River Inn says last year was a hard time for everyone due to the Coronavirus, but as people are getting vaccinated, they say they’re seeing more people get comfortable.

“Compared to last year it’s picked up a lot more. We did do carryout during the whole last nine weeks. The community was wonderful. They really pulled through and got us through it,” Vandehey said.

She said she’s glad things are finally getting back up to speed.

“We had to shutdown on St. Patty's last year so it was right in the middle of it. So the Friday’s actually picked up tremendously at night time because nobody could go out and they only had carry out," Vandehey said. "With the food that we do serve here we had lots of carry out. It actually helped us tremendously throughout the whole entire time. If it wasn’t for the community we’d wouldn’t be here probably."

She also said they often receive a lot of business from customers from out of town.

“Lots of word of mouth, awesome clientele that comes on in," Vandehey said.

And if you’re looking get your fish-fry fix, the restaurant says while lent may be wrapping up they actually serve it all year long.

“We serve a cod plate, we have a perch plate. We also it comes with your fries, Cole slaw, white bread. So we have a lot of carry out for that. People that come in on Fridays and get that,” Vandehey said.