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"We're Open": Sturgeon Bay business says they're doing well despite pandemic

Posted at 7:32 PM, Dec 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-29 20:34:39-05

STURGEON BAY, Wis. (NBC 26) — As the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted local business owners nationwide, the owner at The Marketplace in Sturgeon Bay said their focus is more about the experience rather than the items they sell.

"So far we've had great customer service. We've had to ask the clerk for some help. That was wonderful too", said shopper Natasha Torry.

Business owner, Todd Trimberger said they like to treat customers as if they're coming over for cocktails.

“That’s always been my philosophy in my stores, I want people to feel like they’re at home and that they’re being taken care of, being nurtured," said Trimberger.

He said he managed to stay resilient despite all the ups and downs they had this year.

"There were days that you sat in the store with no customers and you tried to keep utilities down and the phones didn't ring", Trimberger said.

With the future so unknown, all they could do was remain optimistic.

“We needed to keep going because needed something to focus on”, Trimberger said.

With time, they eventually took advantage of government aid with programs such as the Payroll Protection program.

“I will be honest, in the beginning I felt too proud to take care of any programs because I figured there are other people who needed it more,” Trimberger said.

However, after the hardships they had to go through he said this holiday season they've had a comeback and are doing well.

Again, crediting their success to an experience like no other.

“Allowing you to go to that old-fashioned brick and motor shopping experience where you touch things and feel things, and see colors", Trimberger said.

In the meantime, he said he's hopeful more than ever for a better 2021.