Woman avoids prison for crash that killed best friend

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Savannah Dumas says she will never have another sip of alcohol after crashing a car and causing the death of her best friend back in April 2017.

Friday in court, Dumas gave an emotional apology for the incident.

She told a judge, friends, and family that she's sorry her best friend's life got cut short.

The judge, hearing her words and seeing dozens of people come into the courtroom to support Dumas today, did not sentence the 21-year-old to prison.

Instead, he gave her a sentence of 10 years probation and required her to join programs where she can educate kids on the dangers of drinking.

Dumas told the judge that she now lives with the pain of what happened to her best friend.

"Every day i think about how i wish i didn't make the choice i did," she said. "I would trade places with Megan in a heartbeat if i could. I would do anything to bring her back."

Prosecutors argued that even at a young age Dumas his a history of drinking and partying.

They recommended she serve 10 years in prison.

The maximum sentence on the charge she was convicted of is 25 years in prison.

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