Water levels rising on East, Wolf Rivers

WRIGHTSTOWN, Wis. - In Southern Brown County, water levels on the East River are rising and moving fast.

"Right now it's about two feet above normal, and when the rest of the snow melts today and tomorrow it will probably come up another foot," neighbor Randy Hansen said.

Hansen has lived in the Wrightstown area for about two decades. He knows what happens when the spot at the East River starts to flood.

"This is always the first location that will indicate a flood further down the river," Hansen said.

That means water is rushing towards Green Bay and De Pere.

"As water rises here, it has to go somewhere, which is North," Hansen said.

A little ways west, in Outagamie County, the high waters of the Wolf River mean something else. Plenty of anglers tested their luck Sunday, though they are also facing melting snow.

"We've seen icebergs, kind of melting, like the bayou's breaking up," June Czarnecki said. "You have to be cautious where you're navigating."

It's a different tone on the Wolf River, but a similar situation with water on the rise.


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