Vukmir wins GOP endorsement for senate race

Posted: 11:22 PM, May 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-13 04:22:13Z

Republicans gathered at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee to endorse a senate candidate.

"We should win, of all the good things that's happened in last six years, yep,” said John Schultz, Adams County Delegate

State senator Leah Vukmir says she's battle tested and ready to take on Senator Tammy Baldwin.

"If you want to change things, you have to stand up and lead. No matter what the cost, no matter what the pressure, and no matter what type of intimidation faces you,” said Vukmir.

Meanwhile Kevin Nicholson, a marine and former democrat says the fact he's an outsider is an asset.

"I was introduced to practicality, reality, the value of human life, innocent and otherwise. And I learned my obligations and my responsibilities, and that made me a conservative,” said Nicholson.

With the votes counted, Vukmir gets the nod and the party establishment's support.

Despite Wisconsin republicans endorsing Leah Vukmir, Kevin Nicholson says he will go to the August primary. Senator Ron Johnson says it's important both candidates run a general election campaign against Tammy Baldwin, so that republicans have a strong candidate going into November.

"If at some point in time, it seems like there's a clear choice, of who the nominee will be, just pointing out the history, when we've had a knock down drag out primary, the results haven't been all that good,” said Johnson.