Visitors can visit New Zoo's baby penguins during feeding time

SUAMICO, Wis. - You might get the chance to see the new baby African penguins at the New Zoo. 

One of the chicks is now 17 days old. 

The daily activities of the chicks include eating and sleeping. 

New Zoo curators said the reason the penguins were brought to the zoo is to expand the declining population of the African penguins. 

Artificial nests were created and the chicks even have foster parents Doodle and Gilligan. 

Staff members said they're trying their best to mimic how their parents would feed them and so far it's going well. 

"We blend up the formula and use a syringe to feed the baby," said Carmen Murach, the curator at the New Zoo. 

If you'd like to catch a glimpse of the chicks, you can stop by at 11 a.m. during feeding time. 

Staff members will try to feed the chicks in front of the window at the nutrition center. 

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