UWGB students offer their thoughts on lowered drinking age proposal

Posted: 5:17 PM, Nov 09, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-10 05:51:44Z

The 21st birthday celebration could be a thing of the past if a proposal goes ahead to lower Wisconsin's drinking age to 19.

That would mean many college students would no longer be breaking the law by opening up a beer.

Students could, in many cases, be legally drinking in their first year on campus.

At UW-Green Bay, the proposal is getting mixed reviews.

Some students say they'd welcome the change as a chance to show responsibility.

They say drinking already happens anyway.

"You can go off to war and you can do many other things once you turn 18, but you can't drink," student Kristyn Fritsch said.

Other students say 19-year-old students haven't built the experience to legally drink responsibly.

"Throughout the college experience people gain a lot of responsibility that way on their own, being on their own, and I think they can make smarter decisions at an older age," student Mariah Rossebo said.

Students opposed to the change also say it could bring more noise and parties to campus.

Those supporting the bill will need to wait to see it possibly enacted.

The proposal stillneeds to go through the legislature, and it doesn't have support of the Assembly speaker.

If it passes, the bill could also cost the state millions of dollars in federal highway funding.