Two people charged in death of 3-year-old in Manitowoc

Two people charged in death of 3-year-old in Manitowoc
Posted at 2:23 PM, Nov 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-16 15:24:00-05

Two people are facing charges in the death of a three-year-old child in Manitowoc. The child was first brought to the hospital in July with severe injuries and later died that day. 

Police say they found out that two childcare providers, Eduardo Gamez and Jamie Schrank, had been using methamphetamines while supervising the child and their own child.  They were originally arrested in early August on charges of Neglecting a Child and drug charge.

Police say an autopsy was performed on the 3-year-old child and it was determined the cause of death was complications of blunt force injuries to the abdomen.

On Thursday, police say criminal complaints and arrest warrants were completed against Gamez and Schrank.  They are each facing a charge of Party to a Crime - Physical Abuse of a Child, Repeated Acts Causing Death; a class A felony.  Both are currently being held at the Manitowoc County Jail.