Two dead in hunting-related incidents in Wisconsin

TOWN OF WESTFIELD, Wis. - Two hunters have been found dead in separate incidents early Saturday evening.

Marquette County Sheriff, Kim Gaffney, says both men were found about 10 miles apart near County Road E.

The body of the 62-year-old Shawano County man was discovered near the Town of Westfield in a tree stand that was about 16 feet off the ground. He died from natural causes.

Sheiff Gaffney also says the 57-year-old Marquette County man whose body was found near the Town of Newton, died from self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"His father found him in his deer stand after closing," Marquette County Coroner Tom Wastart said.

The sheriff says though that incident does not appear suspicious, the case remains under investigation.  

"But it's fortunate in one regard that the deaths were not at the hands of someone else or a stray bullet," he said.

Wastart adds that it's not too unusual to have two hunting-related deaths so early in the season. 

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