Town tries to block violent sex offender placement

Posted: 8:15 PM, Apr 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-12 01:15:39Z

On Nitschke Road, in the town of Eldorado, houses are filled with moms and dads and children.
One house is empty, but it could soon be home to a violent sex offender.

"We just kind of try to live life without living in fear," neighbor Shannon Rickert said.

Rickert lives on this road with her husband and children. Through her time here, she's been neighbors with several violent sex offenders. Rickert said it comes with challenges.

"It is difficult because I'm waiting for the time where I won't feel safe with my kids playing outside by themselves, or their friends might not want to come over because their parents will be in fear," Rickert said.

The state places some sex offenders here when they are released. It's scheduled to happen again Monday as the result of a Marinette County judge's order.

As residents share their concern, town and county leaders are hoping to reverse the decision to put a sex offender in this home. But they now only have days to act.

"I do have a concern about public safety," Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink said.

Fink said one reason behind this is the state pays thousands of dollars to house sex offenders in the Eldorado home. There's another concern. He said one offender who lived there that had a sexual relationship with his female caretaker.

"I just totally disagree with this, and I hope the judge comes to the conclusion that this isn't a good idea," Fink said.

The town is also trying to block the move, citing legal reasons. They said that a new law should stop another county's offender from coming here, and they say the local community, people like Rickert, never got to offer input.

People like shannon rickert..who never got a chance to voice concerns.

"Praying that we'll be able to live our life as we can," she said.