Some Omro residents concerned about construction

OMRO, Wis. - Bill Yoblonski said the Wisconsin 21 bridge brings lots of people into Omro.

"It's a direct route," Yoblonski said.

Yoblonski said downtown depends on the bridge.

"Very valuable for all the businesses, especially with the campers, people staying at the parks on the weekends," he said.

But later this summer the way into town won't involve the 21 bridge. In July, DOT construction will close the bridge to southbound traffic for about 30 days.

Construction in Omro has already begun, but it won't be until it moves to the bridge where residents said they'll really feel the effect.

"If we could keep the traffic coming though it would help all the businesses," Yoblonski said.

Yoblonski said they've brought concerns to the DOT but did not get a change. Other businesses downtown hope that people will find a way to them.

"The people in town, the businesses, are just going to have to deal with it as best they can," Jeff Donohue said.

The DOT has a detour route planned, but Yoblonski worries it will keep people out of Omro.
"It's going to be a lot worse," Yoblonski said.

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