Snow crashes through Brown County Arena roof

Posted: 4:18 PM, Apr 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-24 00:40:00Z

A structural engineer assessed the damage Monday at the Brown County Arena and deemed a conference room, used by the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau, as possibly unstable. They have temporarily been relocated in the building.

Nobody was injured after snow crashed through the roof Friday. 

"There's just a lot of damage," Terry Charles of PMI Entertainment said. "It basically crashed through the roof, making a very large hole and opening up the sky."

Officials said a large chunk of snow slid off the roof of the Brown County Arena on Friday evening. They said it slid onto a roof of the building's lobby. From there, the snow went through the roof. Then, later that night, it happened again.

"Another large chunk fell off in that same general area and crashed through the roof of a conference room," Charles said.

Saturday, crews turned to damage assessment. Officials said it's substantial.

"This entire building is restricted," Charles said. "We're not allowed to go into (the offices)."

Across from the arena and the snow crash is the Resch Center. It's scheduled to host a concert Saturday night. Officials are asking people to be careful because while the scene may be blocked the damage may not be done.

"There is more snow on the roof, and it's eventually going to fall off," Charles said.

The cost of damages is still being determined.