4 teens charged in Seymour High School lockdown

Posted: 1:20 PM, Mar 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-23 00:26:30Z

A day after a lockdown at Seymour High School and the middle school, police described what led them inside.

"It's imperative that we respond approrpiately, effectively, and as quickly as we can," Police chief Richard Buntrock said.

They said reports of a gun in the school appeared authentic.

"We will not hesitate in any way shape or form," Buntrock said.

After students left Wednesday, police found a pellet gun hidden inside a classroom. They said the gun appears real unless looked at closely. Police said they then took three students into custody and referred a fourth to intake. They'll seek a conviction. The district could take action too.

"Parents trust us with their most important object, that being their children, so we take safety very seriously," School Business Manager Pete Kempen said. "We're glad that they trust us with the safety of their children."

As students returned to the classroom Thursday, parents tell us they appreciated the efforts from the district and police.

"I think they did very well," parent Penny Vankauwenberg said. "I really do. I was really surprised when jonathan got home, and he told me how they did the whole thing and I was okay with that." 

Thursday, police increased their presence at the school. In the days ahead, officers will work with the district to learn from Wednesday's lockdown.