School safety forum held in Green Bay


Parents came to West High School on Monday night, not only with concerns, but questions.

"What is Green Bay working on?  What are our safety plans, what are the areas that have been identified,” asked Ed Foral.

To answer those questions, Green Bay School Leadership and the police department held round table discussions to get input from parents on how to make schools safer.

"I think we have a very robust security system in place. I think we're looking to add to it,” said Dr. Michelle Langenfeld, Superintendent Green Bay Area Public School District.

Some parents want to see more people guarding schools.

"I like the idea of having of having someone at the door, having locked doors, making sure that people who aren't supposed to be there don't get inside,” said Foral.

Others want to see an improvement in mental health services.

"I think if we had more mental health support in our schools, we could address it early and prevent the issue from happening,” said Chris Calloway.

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