School District looking for new Washington Middle School principal


The Green Bay Area Public School District wants to change the image of Washington Middle School.

"For Washington to be both safe and successful academically, we have to transform Washington Middle School,” said Michelle Langenfeld, Green Bay Area School District Superintendent

Last year, teacher Kerstin Westcott resigned after what she called an unsafe environment.

"A student I had never met, approached me in the hall way during passing time and said, 'I have a gun, and I’m going to shoot you, bang, bang, bang,’” said Westcott.

The district says there have been fewer problems with bad behavior this school year.

They've also added staff members since Westcott's resignation

They say improvements still need to be made in the classroom.

They're hoping to find a new principal who has a specialty in turning around a struggling school.

"The new principal will have an experience in turnaround schools in success and academic achievement across for all students. The new leader will have a track record of implementing innovate approaches to school climate and culture,” said Langenfeld.

The district says they plan on having their new leader in place at the end of the school year.

The current principal of Washington Middle School will finish out the school year and transition to Lombardi Middle School in a new role.

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