Reaction mixed to hunting age bill

Green Bay, Wis. - A bill allowing children of all ages in Wisconsin to hunt is one step away from becoming law. 

The bill is now on Governor Scott Walker’s desk. 

A gun store owner supports the idea.

"I guess I don't have any real problem removing that law, because right now you can't have big brother doing everything for everybody," said Gus's Guns Manager Dale Raby.  "There is so much responsibility taken away from parents."

Raby said the maturity of a child depends on the child, but it's up to the judgment of the parent.

A hunters' safety program instructor said children have failed his course for consistently pointing the gun in the wrong direction or repeatedly being distracted. He attributed this to immaturity. 

"If you cannot physically control a gun, it could be unsafe," said Chris Ewald.

Ewald said small children can be easily distracted, but an adult never failed his course because of being distracted.


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