Partners in Education: Taking the class to the garden


Inspiration from a book Sullivan elementary students, take what they've learned in class out to the garden.

Kids laughter and excitement.


 “You plant the bulbs in the falls, and in the spring they grow,” said Meyia Mercado, a fourth grader.


            630 students at Sullivan Elementary all received one bulb, of tulips and daffodils.


Thanks to a 250 dollar donation from the Three Corners Association, a non-profit that helps beautify green bay's parks and community.

            Principal Peggy Fischer, says she knew this was the perfect time to take the kids outside.


"We are reading a book called mrs. Spitzers garden, which really symbolizes the growth that we want for our students, how we come together as learners and leaders and in compassion for one another,” said Fischer.


            The book, is the inspiration, as it is about tending and loving a garden, to see it flourish, similar to that of young minds.


            “To be able to see things change and mature in our neighborhood throughout those years, to me is a reflection of exactly what's going to be happening with these flowers and with the students that are attending here,” said Joann Piepenburg president of Three Corners Association.



            Students were excited to take what they’ve learned in class outside.



“I feel pretty great, because it's a nice way to just like bring the school nicer, and like have everyone like a family join in,” said Nevaeh Jordan, a fifth grade student.



Now they wait to watch the bulbs turn into blossoms.

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