Partners in Education: Sullivan elementary's principal gets a celebration

Posted: 10:13 AM, Mar 16, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-16 11:13:14-04

"She does everything for us and right now what we're doing for her is nothing compared to what she's done for us," said fifth grader Galilea Matus. 

Kids at Sullivan elementary school are honoring her with a surprise celebration.

Peggy Fischer, said she had no idea, or clue that any of the teachers or staff were planning the event.

Students were working behind the scenes for weeks, even writing "thank you" messages on hearts, displayed on the gym's wall.

"The reason why I get up everyday and I come here and motivated is because I know that we're helping them and I"m excited about teachers here who work day in and day out together to lift each other up with compassion," said Fischer.

The kids see the compassion and said it makes being a student at Sullivan fun and inspiring.
"She's a really nice person, she loves our school how she wants to be treated, I think she deserves that love because if she treats us like that, we should bounce that back to her," said fifth grader Alex Antonio Hernandez.

A great attitude from these students all lead by a compassionate principal.