Partners in Education: Students teach teachers string instrument

GREEN BAY, Wis. - 18 talented students, play the cello, viola, and violin.

Alejandra Romero, an eighth grader says she's played for three years.

"It's easier than holding the bow, cause you have to hold it really weird," said Romero, "I loved music, ever since I was little, my cousin used to play when she was in high school, and when she played I loved hearing her play..." 

Alejandra is changing it up playing her violin in her music class, but also teaching a lesson or two, to any instructor in the school who has wanted to learn to play a music instrument.

A program that began by Kim Souther, orchestra director, she said it's a great way to get the students and teachers together, "teachers kind of show empathy towards the students really understanding what it takes to play a string instrument the difficulty involved."



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