Partners in Education: Students putting on the musical Hairspray!

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Seniors and other students, said they're excited to hit the stage.

"So exciting to go up and dance and sing on stage, and then to go out after and see everyones reactions to it, we got a very good response from everyone," said senior Megan Flood who plays Velma Von Tussel, "I knew I wanted to end on a high note."

A lot of determination and hard work, helped these students prepare for the performances. 

"Outside of practice you have people looking through their script, you go through lines, study songs, and then there's practice three hours a day for three months almost," said Chase Heezen, a senior who plays Edna Turnblad in the play.

Sara Holub, the director of Hairspray and the choir director said, "it has a huge cast, so not only will it accommodated a really talented senior class, but it also allows some of our underclassmen to get some experience."

Holub said the biggest message is to look beyond appearance, and to see the commonalities we all have in common. 


Here's information on how you can get tickets for the show!




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