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Partners in Education: Students learn from growing lettuce tower and aeroponics

Posted at 5:36 PM, Nov 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-21 18:36:56-05

SUAMICO (NBC 26) -- At Bay Harbor Elementary school in Suamico, third grade students are learning about the future of farming and science.

Third grade teacher Miranda Zygiel said she wanted to incorporate something in her classroom.

"As a third grade team, we're trying to think of an innovative but authentic way to teach a plant unit," said Zygiel. That's when the Aeroponics, or plants growing in air, was born.

"They're able to see in their Suamico community what farming looks like now, but also what is the future of farming," said Zygiel.

Although a brand new project, for students, Zygiel said everyone is pretty excited and inspired each day. Like third grade student, Mya Gruber.

"We cut leaves off, of it and then we used it we put it in a bucket washed it," said Gruber. Mya helps her peers like first grader, Payton Broehm, take care of these plants. But aside from all of the studying, the best part of course is having a taste!

A fun experience overall, getting to see how a plant grows and develops, kind of like themselves.