Partners in Education: Chess Club

HOWARD, Wis. - Sophomore Jack Anderson has been playing chess for six years, competitively for four.

"Chess is one of the oldest board games, and it's still being played today" said Anderson.

He's even won some awards, seven in total. 

"There's just so much you can learn from chess, so much you can improve as well as my dad he was a big chess player," said Anderson.

Anderson says his dad, Jeff, has been his biggest supporter and teacher.

"He's kinda naturally curious so I didn't have to do much, once I showed him a game, you know it's challenging, you know it's infinitely challenging he picked up and kept it up," said Jack.

He says he played with his son, since Jack was in the 5th grade.

"I like to teach kids a lot about a move called, castling the only move in chess where you can move two pieces at once," said Jack.

His competitive nature and passion for the game has been inspired by his number one fan, his dad, and now Jack hopes the passion will inspire others to join the chess club.


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