Partners in Education: Aquaponics

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jan 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 18:46:28-05

"I think it's going to be hundreds, we take kids in our culinary program introduction to food programs, ag science courses biology other advance horticulture type classes landscape courses so all those kids are going to be a part of this experience," said Russell Gerke - Principal at W. De Pere High School

Principal Gerke is talking about a new aquaponics system, currently being built behind the greenhouse at W. De Pere high school.
"It's basically adding an extension on to the greenhouse that's focused on mainly producing mixed salad greens herbs plants that kids can actually eat in the school cafeteria as well," said Alex Smith, Green Bay's Farmory program director, "we actuallly take that fish water and we actually pump it up to the grow beds and that provides the water for the plants to grow but also the nutrients that they need to grow..."

It's a cycle, starting with a gallon that will hold 625 gallons and 3-400 fish.

Gerke, hopes this will inspire students to be creative and think beyond food at the cafeteria, he said "also growing the plants in a man made environment..."

The Shopko foundation, presented a check of $2,500 to help launch this project.

"We're so grateful for the money that will be presented here, this money help launch this system and really make it something the students canbe creative money to go towards their ideas, their projects everything that they're doing with the system..." said Smith.