Partners in Education: Altmayer elementary receives check for new projection screen

Posted: 5:49 PM, Mar 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-01 23:49:45Z

Students at Altmayer elementary school all have something in common.

All the students are in their favorite class, gym! However before they play they need to look up at this, projected from a portable projection screen.

"It's on a cart, that we have to move around where ever we need it to go," said Kris Boggess, one of the school's P.E. teachers.

Boggesss said, the boards was difficult for the kids to see the board, so he decided he needed to do something about funding a new projection screen.

After organizations offered grants, the school was still $2,500 short.

That's when Anne Laurent, the parent teacher group president wrote a grant to the Shopko Foundation. 

The call was made, and the wish... was granted.

The kids needless to say, were thrilled.

"We will be able to see directions, possibly and not always see on a littler screen," said third grader Reid.

"It's very exciting now cause before we had a little projection screen and it was hard to see what we were doing and the white board would explain but it didn't help as much so it's exciting," said Madison.