Log-a-Load program educates 4th grade students in the forest

SUAMICO, Wis. - 4th grade students from the Howard and Suamico school district, went to Suamico elementary's backyard, all 17 acres of it.

Ryan Welnetz, principal of Suamico elementary said "Our school forest is a registered school forest with th:e DNR, and every 10 years we're required to thin the school forest, so we were able to with the DNR work out an educational program, because we could either thin the school process or make it education, well of course we made it educational for our kids."

The program called Log-a-Load was the perfect fit.

Principal Welnetz, said it's a program from the Great Lakes Timber Association. All of the profit from the logging, will go towards the children's miracle network.

Fourth graders said they're excited about a lot of the activities. 

David Petasek, a fourth grade Suamico Elementary student said, he's excited to see what he learned in school.

"I learned the lines on the trees, tell how old they are..." said Petasek.

This event happened once every ten years.




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