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Future Zookeepers learn hands on at the New Zoo

Posted: 5:38 PM, Jan 03, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-04 00:22:59Z
Partners in education: New Zoo

At The New Zoo, future zoologists and zookeepers get an up-close look.

"Zookeepers are usually trained in behavior but they get to know the animals they work with," said Angela Kawski, education coordinator.

Students here for the internship program offered at the zoo shadow zookeepers and learn hands on.

"Its a lot more than just cleaning up after the animals, that's the first thing people think of, zookeepers have to be experts in animal care," said Kawski. "In order to work with animals, you have to love them, it's hard work."

UW Green Bay student Alyssa Baumann is studying animal biology and is currently an intern here.

"I love working with the animals and love working with the zookeepers, it's really fun," said Baumann. She's even become an expert in handling snakes. "Before this, I actually never worked with snakes, and so now I'm a lot more comfortable realize they're actually really cool animals."

For more information on the internship program, click here.