Oshkosh woman has bond hearing

Appleton, Wis. - A woman charged with hiding a weapon after a fight at Jack’s Apple Pub in Appleton returned to court Friday.

A judge addressed a motion for bond review filed by the defense for Dree Sullivan and reduced her $25,000 cash bond to a $2,500 signature bond.

The May incident began with a fight at Jack’s Apple Pub, authorities said.  A man named Henry Nellum had a gun in that fight, according to police.  They said it was the gun that Sullivan later hid.  After getting a report of gunfire, police reacted and went into the bar and shot and killed a separate man, accodring to court documents.  Nellum was charged with murder in that man's death.  

Sullivan was charged with harboring and aiding a felon.  In court Friday the judge heard both sides.

The defense said Sullivan is a single mother and needs to support her child. The prosecution argued she hid a weapon and did not initially cooperate with law enforcement.  The defense said her client has never provided false information.

“I look forward to being able to see her move forward in her life so I’m very grateful she can reconnect with her family,” said defense attorney Lauren A. Blumenthal.

A few of the conditions for the signature bond were residing with her sister and returning to her place of employment.  In addition, she cannot have contact with Jack’s Apple Pub, or Henry Nellum.

Sullivan declined to comment after the hearing.

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