Oshkosh students join gun reform march

OSHKOSH, Wis. - As the days continue to go by, each one is a chance to forget.

"After Sandy Hook, after Pulse, after Vegas, the national conversation kind of faded," student marcher Brock Doemel said.

Friday, the conversation crescendoed through the streets of Oshkosh. Students gave a vocal call for gun reforms.

"We are students who are committed to speaking up until we see legislative action on behalf of our Congress," Doemel said.

Students marched to Senator Ron Johnson's office. They called for him to support stronger background checks and funding to research the causes of gun violence and how to prevent it.

"And if that doesn't come through, then we're still going to keep fighting for it," student marcher Kristy Henkel said.

Once the students got to Senator Johnson's office, they went inside and continued to share their message, but in a different way. They wrote constituent letters.

The message got on paper, carried on signs, and spoken through the streets of Oshkosh.

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