Oshkosh Police investigating alleged child abuse case

OSHKOSH, Wis. - Police say they're investigating a suspected case of child abuse on the 1700 block of Taft Avenue in Oshkosh.   

It's why emergency crews flew a three-year-old girl to Milwaukee Children's Hospital early this morning.

Authorities say she has substantial head injuries.

Police say they talked with a 24-year-old man at an Oshkosh hospital and arrested him on suspicions of child abuse.

Officers say the Oshkosh man isn't a member of the girl's family but was her caretaker.

They didn't elaborate.

"It's very difficult," officer Katherine Mann said. "Being a mother myself, makes it even harder, so yeah. It's a very difficult investigation for everybody involved in it." 

Local attorney's also say these can be difficult cases to deal with - not just emotionally - but also in gathering evidence.

"You're dealing with a victim here, alleged victim, that is often times unable to articulate what occurred," attorney Jeff Mann said.

Mann says the severity of the injuries play a big part in what happens next.

"You rely very heavily on the medical reports," he explained. "I would say doctor's testimony and expert testimony in general plays a large role."

Police gave the case to the district attorney's office for review.


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