Officers checking on sex offenders Halloween night

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Children weren't the only ones going door-to-door on Halloween night.

In Northeast Wisconsin, law enforcement made the rounds to check on registered sex offenders.

NBC26 walked along with the Green Bay Police Department Tuesday night as officers knocked on doors, making sure registered sex offenders were not handing out candy. 

Registered sex offenders have a specific set of restrictions on Halloween, including: 

  • No Halloween decorations or costumes.
  • Outside lights must be turned off during trick-or-treat hours.
  • No handing out Halloween candy.

The checks on registered sex offenders are random, and the department is looking for violations of any of those restrictions.

Normally, the DOC said it doesn't see too many problems.

"Last year in 2016, there were 29 violations statewide, majority of them were curfew violations, individuals not being home during the required time or not arriving home when they were supposed to be, or leaving too early," said Chris Susa, Field Supervisor for the DOC.

Officers will continue to walk through neighborhoods throughout the night, making random checks along the way.

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