Menasha Utilities: Higher lead levels found in water of some Menasha homes

MENASHA, Wis. - Routine testing found some Menasha homes have lead levels in their water above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's action limit, Menasha Utilities said Tuesday.

The EPA action limit is 15 parts per billion, or 0.015 milligrams of lead per liter of water, according to Menasha Utilities. 

Menasha Utilities source water, water mains and finished drinking water do not contain lead. However, when water is in contact with pipes or service lines and plumbing containing lead for several hours, lead could enter drinking water, Menasha Utilities said.

Homes built before 1950 are more likely to have lead pipes, and homes built prior to 1984 could have lead solder.

If your drinking water could have elevated lead levels, Menasha Utilities suggests:

  • Letting the water run at least 1-2 minutes until very cold in the morning or if unused for 6 hours.
  • Not cooking with, making baby formula with or drinking water from an unfiltered hot water tap.
  • Obtaining a water filtration device to remove lead for consumption

Anyone can buy a water filtration device from the Menasha Health Department for $14.

If too much lead gets into your body, it can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and children six years or younger.

Menasha Utilities continues to perform uni-directional flushing to remove minerals from water main walls and operates a corrosion control program to reduce lead impacts.

They are also replacing portions of lead service lines on streets being resurfaced and reconstructed.

To get your water tested or for more information, call Menasha Utilities at (920) 967-3452 or visit their website here.

To find out the age of your home and water service or the health effects of lead, contact the Menasha Health Department at (920) 967-3525.

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