Memorial Service held for Jevon Lemke

Posted: 5:30 PM, Apr 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-09 22:30:34Z

A memorial service for Jevon Lemke is taking place Monday evening in Wayside.

He was swept away in a rip tide in Fort Morgan, Alabama back in March.

Lemke, 17, was a junior at Reedsville High School. He participated in football, basketball, golf, track and band. 

Friends and his mother say he was selfless and always helping others.

Now, his mother, Carrie Holton, is holding out hope that she'll be able to bring her son home. She continues searching for him near Dauphin Island.
"I'm sad. I'm angry. I truly know what a broken heart feels like," said Carrie Holton, Jevon’s mother. 

Holton says she will not leave until she finds her son.

Although the official search has ended, Holton appreciates volunteers who continue looking like George Ruiz, who lives on the island. 

Over the weekend Ruiz organized the volunteer effort.

"We plan to search about 5 miles east of the point of Ft Morgan all the way to Petit Bois Island,” said George Ruiz, a search volunteer.

Holton says the years she served in the U.S. Air Force have helped her through this pain. 

"I can truly say that that is what has kept me together, that resiliency training and having faith in the Lord that He'll do what's right and he'll do what's needed for Jevon," she said. 

There are Go Fund Me Pages set up for Jevon Lemke.