Meet the Pets of the Week: Paco, Ruby & Nova

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Meet our Pets of the Week, Paco, Ruby and Nova!


Meet Paco!

Paco can be a little nervous at first, but warms up easily. He loves to roll onto his back for belly rubs! He came from a big family of six other cats and would do well in a home with others. He really enjoys lounging around and soaking up the sun! Hopefully with a new friend!


Meet Ruby!

Ruby is a beautiful and mellow girl looking a very special home. She's very shy and doesn't always come out of her shell for new people, but once she warms up and bonds with you she will be always loyal and by your side. Ruby bonds closely with children and is very easygoing with them. She prefers women to men and is especially shy around tall men with deep voices. She is currently living with a large male dog in her foster home and they love to rough-house and chew on toys. She doesn't always get along with other dogs and definitely likes to be top dog. It would be good for her to meet with and canine roomies before going to her new home.


Meet Nova!

She's a laid-back girl who loves to cuddle on her own terms and enjoys sleeping in the sun. She's cautious couch potato and it may take a little bit to get used to a new environment, but once she does, she's happy to lie around the house all day. She plays gently and likes to spend time with other cats.


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