Marinette County joins lawsuit against drugmakers over opioid crisis

MARINETTE, Wis. - As the opioid epidemic rages on across the country, another Wisconsin county has decided to join a lawsuit against drugmakers accused of contributing to the problem.

On Tuesday, the Marinette County Board of Supervisors voted to join the lawsuit against several pharmaceutical companies for their role in the epidemic.

Manufacturers did not disclose the addictive nature of their drugs, county leaders said.

The drugs have also cost the county considerable time and resources as it has worked to fight the problem. County leaders told NBC26 they hope the lawsuit will hold companies financially accountable for those costs, but they also have another goal.

"The other part of the lawsuit, I think, is just to be able to bring public awareness to the community, that - be careful, watch out what you're getting prescribed, ask your doctors more questions," said Mark Anderson, chairman of the Marinette County Board.

Members of the county's health department said they hope any money won in the lawsuit would go to help people needing treatment.

Marinette County joined more than two dozen other Wisconsin counties in the lawsuit.

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