Luge club in U.P. sees interest spike during Olympics

NEGAUNEE, Mich. - Every four years, there’s extra interest in the sport of sliding down an ice hill on a metal sled at the Upper Peninsula Luge Club.  That’s because every four years, the Winter Olympics return.

"I always watch the Olympics… [I have] since I was a little kid,” said Toby Kuznicki, who brought his family to an event at the Negaunee, Mich., luge club.

“So I try and carry that on with my kids."

The hill in Negaunee is a natural luge; the walls are wooden, instead of the ice walls seen at Olympic luge events.

"It's just a fun activity, and another sport in the Upper Peninsula,” said club president Fred Anderson.

"We need to train more people because this [natural luge] style may become an Olympic sport in four years."

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