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Valentine's Day: Some want flowers, others want to break stuff

Posted at 6:36 PM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 19:36:36-05

APPLETON, Wis — APPLETON, Wis (NBC 26) -- Chocolates, flowers, a nice dinner, these are the traditional things that might be on the list for those celebrating Valentine's Day. But in the Fox Valley there's a new option for a date night, and it's good for anybody trying to have a laugh or just blow off some steam.

A new business in Appleton called The Breaking Point, doesn't have your typical dress code for a night on the town. But once you get comfortable in your new jumpsuit, face mask, and protective gloves, you might find that this place has a lot to offer up to any budding romance.

"There are always ups and downs in a relationship. But you come here and watch your partner smash stuff and have a few laughs together, and then you swap out and you go, and they laugh at you, it's a good way to have a great time laughing at each other," says Jena Morris of Appleton who showcased what The Breaking Point is all about.

Breaking the cycle of typical dates, The Breaking Point gives their guests the chance to blow off some steam and laugh, a lot.

"It just feels good. It's a relief to get in there and just rage out a little bit," says Courtney Hayden the owner of The Breaking Point.

Now this is the only rage room in northeast Wisconsin and the owner tells us that she's optimistic that couples will be willing to give this a go for a date night and break the norm.

"We have a few couples coming in tonight so I am excited for that," says Hayden.

"Flowers only last so long. This is a great memory that will last forever," adds Morris.

Through the month of February The Breaking Point is offering a 50% discount on their current rates. Recently the business’s owner also opened up a paint splatter room with black lights and florescent paints, that the owner says is a great opportunity for the kids to have some fun while mom and dad blow off some steam breaking stuff.