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Valentine's Day can be a stressful holiday for some

Posted at 5:39 PM, Feb 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-13 18:39:31-05

MENASHA, Wis — MENASHA, Wis (NBC 26) -- You've heard how holidays like Christmas can be stressful for people, causing anxiety and even depression. But did you know that Valentine's Day, can be just as tough for some? Tonight NBC26 looks into how the holiday can impact many people's physical and mental health.

Valentine’s Day can be accompanied with high expectations for some. But for others, it's just a day they'd rather not acknowledge at all. At ThedaCare Behavioral Health in Menasha, marriage and family therapist Abby Griesbach visits with both types of patients.

"It reminds me of almost any holiday, when a lot of holidays are surrounded by getting together with loved ones. And sometimes when we don't have a significant other or we feel like we're lacking support, it can be a really difficult time for people," says Griesbach.

The stress involved with the holiday might not be on your radar but Griesbach says many people compromise their mental and even physical health, in part due to the stress which the holiday can bring.

"There's this mind and body connection and when we're emotionally not in a good place, it impacts our physical body."

Doctors say that anxiety and depression can lead to our immune systems slowing down dramatically. The stress can also lead to serious fatigue and in some cases cardiovascular issues. But that's not saying that having a valentine date, could prevent these symptoms.

"It doesn't mean that being in a relationship makes us healthier. The important thing is that it's a healthy relationship," adds Griesbach.

So as lovers prepare for the big day and others get on with their day to day, Griesbach has advice for everyone on Valentine’s Day.

"Instead of focusing on what we don't have, or what we hope to have, or what we wish to have, focus more on what's right in front of us and what we do have."