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The life of a delivery driver during the COVID-19 spread

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Posted at 10:07 PM, Mar 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 16:46:22-04

GREEN BAY (WGBA) -- As many people stay indoors to avoid the spread of COVID-19, drivers on delivery apps are seeing an increase in sales.

"The evenings are picking up because everyone is home now," said Luanne Laviolette, a driver with app EatStreet.

She goes around picking up food from restaurants in Northeast Wisconsin, and delivers them to people's home. This service is convenient because many people are asked not to go outside.

"It's a strange world," Laviolette said. "We are losing that personal connection, but it is what it is."

Gov. Evers ordered all restaurants and bars to close with the exception being take out or delivery. That is where Laviolette's services come in handy. She helps people get the food they need while they don't go outside.

"It keeps us employed and it keeps the restaurants going," Laviolette said.

The app does have a service charge on top of the price for food, so it will cost some extra dollars to get the food. However, given the current circumstances, it is not a bad thing to use. Laviolette asks that people use small businesses for options and that people tip well.

"The small businesses are just as important as the big chains," Laviolette said. "Probably even more so because they are little mom and pop shops."