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Police say sun, snow and tailgating led to Leo Frigo crash

LeoFrigo March 5 2019
Posted at 5:14 PM, Mar 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 16:57:05-04

GREEN BAY, Wis. — UPDATE: Green Bay Police say the crash on the Leo Frigo Bridge yielded 11 separate crash investigations. Police say each crash was investigated and as a result ten citations were issued. Five citations were issued for “auto following too closely” and five citations were issued for “driving too fast for conditions.”
Green Bay Police Lt. Brad Strouf is indicating a combination of different factors led to a major crash Tuesday on the Leo Frigo bridge involving about 30 vehicles.

Strouf tells NBC26 that drivers reported the rising sun caused an almost "state of blindness" on the southbound lane driving due east. Strouf also says there was a dusting of snow, just enough to create less traction than drivers would normally expect. Strouf also says a group of cars were traveling too closely to one another to allow the ability to safety stop.

Strouf says drivers were breaking and sliding, and those following too closely crashed, while others were able to stop. Police say they are looking at two primary violations in this case: following too closely and driving too fast for conditions. Strouf says police are working to make sure they're citing the right drivers for the right violations.

Investigators pulled video from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, walked over the entire crash scene, and analyzed the vehicles involved in the crash, according to Strouf. After three hours, Strouf says they determined there was not one crash site, but in fact 11 separate crashes that all happened a little over 1.5 minutes.

Strouf said there were eight injured parties; six were taken to the hospital, two injured were "walk-ins". Only one person was still being treated as of 3pm Tuesday. Police don't have an update on anyone's condition, but they don't believe any of their conditions have worsened.

Strouf says this crash could have been avoided if drivers allowed space for the vehicles ahead.