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Steven Avery's lawyer files motion for new trial

Posted at 10:34 AM, Mar 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-12 11:50:51-04

MANITOWOC COUNTY, Wis. — Steven Avery's lawyer has filed a motion in court this week for a new trial.

Avery's legal team, led by Kathleen Zellner, argues the State violated Steven Avery's rights when authorities handed over bone remains to Teresa Halbach's family. Avery was convicted of killing Halbach in 2007. The case was covered extensively in the popular Netflix documentary series, Making a Murderer.

Court documents say the bones in question were taken from a pit located off of Steven Avery's property.

Previous reports state that there were questions if the bone remains were in fact Halbach's or if they were even human. Zellner has argued that if the bones were Halbach's, then it could prove Avery didn't kill her.

Read the full motion, filed on Monday, here:

Dkt.+1000+-+Supp+§+974.06+motion by Alice Reid on Scribd