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Snow melt creating flood concerns in New London area

Posted: 6:03 PM, Mar 25, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-25 19:20:16-04

NEW LONDON, Wis. — The snow in northern parts of Wisconsin are feeding the Wolf River in New London too fast and the water levels are getting awfully close to homes.

The Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office put a no-wake zone in place for all waterways across the whole county to try and reduce property damage.

As the Wolf River teeters on one of the highest points it's been in decades, people along the river are preparing for what lies ahead in the coming days and weeks.

"You don't sleep that well at night because you're doing ice patrol flood patrol are checking the pumps checking the drains,” says John Faucher at Johnny's Little Shop of Bait. “One little hiccup in the whole thing could really cause problems."

The National Weather Service says portions of western Outagamie County along the Waupaca County border line are likely the next areas in our region to deal with flooding. If you’re along a body of water, they urge you to start preparing now.