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Small Towns: Hilly Haven Golf Course

An opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in the winter
Posted at 10:50 PM, Feb 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-18 17:21:01-04

TOWN OF WRIGHTSTOWN — For nearly half of the year were forced to bundle up for the weather here in Wisconsin, but we can handle the cold, it’s just the price we pay to reap the benefits of what the badger state really has to offer. That’s why tonight we're showcasing the town of Wrightstown and one of their winter attractions, which of all places, is a golf course.

At Hilly Haven Golf Course in the town of Wrightstown, cold weather doesn’t get in the way of folks trying to stay active during the winter.

“I don’t believe in it ever being too cold to go out skiing. Once you get moving you’re great,” says Kristin Stelzer the General Manager at Hilly Haven Golf Course.

Obviously golfing isn’t happening outside in the dead of winter here. But management has figured out a way to keep people on their course, year round.

“Getting that fresh air in the winter is so good for everyone,“ adds Stelzer.

Here skiers and snowshoers alike have the chance to experience three groomed trails that stretch nearly five miles across the course.

“It’s beautiful in the morning. You can come out and the birds are chirping and it’s amazing,“ says Stelzer.

Because while the weather may keep many of us from enjoying what Wisconsin winters have to offer, at Hilly Haven their snowy golf course serves as a reminder to get outside and enjoy what Wisconsin winters have to offer.

"Even if the temperature is a little bit cooler than you'd think once you get out there and you’re moving and get your heart rate up it’s wonderful,” says Stelzer.

Hilly Haven Golf Course's trails are usually open when there is about five to six inches of snow for a base. Once that much snow falls the on site groomer usually will get out on the course as soon as possible to make sure it's ready for guests. If you are wondering whether or not their trails are ready for you to enjoy, management encourages you to give them a call or check out their facebook page.