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Police to enforce 10 person rule

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Posted at 7:10 PM, Mar 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-22 23:55:20-04

GREEN BAY (WGBA) -- The Green Bay Police Department along with other agencies in North East Wisconsin plan to enforce Gov. Evers mandate on no groups larger than 10 people.

"We have to enforce what the Governor states," said Kevin Warych from the Green Bay Police Department."

While officers make the their rounds across town, they will keep an eye out for establishments holding more than 10 people. The exception is for businesses like grocery stores, gas stations and other necessary places.

"This is a time where people should be staying home," Warych said. "Social distancing is very important right now."

In Green Bay, many signs are hanging from bars and restaurants stating why they've had to close; keeping in mind many are still open for take-out and delivery. However, if anyone violates the 10 people or larger rule, police could issue a fine or refer charges under the statute that violates a Governors recommendation.

"We need to be smart about this," Warych said. "If we take steps to limit distance, we have a chance to lower the spread of this disease."