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New snow bike trail opening up for beginners

Fat tire
Posted at 4:41 PM, Nov 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-17 17:41:31-05

SUAMICO (NBC26) - If you've been meaning to give fat tire biking a try, we have your answer. A new trail, just for beginners, is opening up in Suamico.

This is the first beginners’ path at the Brown County Reforestation Camp. Volunteers are hoping it'll encourage more families or people who just want to give fat tire biking a try, to come on out.

This weekend, several people lended a hand to help put up posts, pick up branches and trim away trees on the new snow bike loop. It'll be groomed about 48 inches wide, verses a standard fat bike trail of 24- inches. This gives people, who are not as comfortable on trails, a wider space to work with.

"Sometimes people that ride the existing trails find them a little overpowering,” Jeff Austin, the president of the Friends of Reforestation Camp Trails. “We're working with parks department to put in a very nice, friendly beginners loop. So mom and dad can come out with the kids and they can ride and get the experience of being in the woods, without having to worry about going off and hitting a tree."

Many of the bike trails at the Brown County Reforestation Camp will be closing before the gun deer season which begins next weekend. But this new trail will open after the 9-day hunt.